Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 2

Another good work day! The guys were here early again and made a good chunk of progress. The wall between the new half-bath and kitchen is almost all gone and the framing for the new bumped out wall went up. 

The ceiling joists need to be scissored, or something like that, before they can take that wall fully down, giving us an extra 8 inches of length in the new bathroom. 

Hey ground under our house, how you doing? Creepy! The cats would SO get lost under here, so they didn't get to explore this time when the workers were done.

It's hard to tell but there are two walls of framing in the back wall of the new bathroom, and all the plumbing and electrical in between them. There is some big old cast iron pipe that doesn't do anything anymore so when the plumber is here on Friday, they're going to see about taking it out, so the extra wall of framing can also come out to buy us another 3 inches or so of bathroom width. In a bathroom this tiny, every inch counts!

They also prepped the window more for moving, but they're going to place the cabinets around sometime tomorrow to check layout and confirm the height we want the window at, before actually moving it.

They also pulled up the flooring which happened to be plywood subfloor, then this vinyl:

Over that vinyl was a thin layer of concrete and then the blue and white vinyl we lived with. Good riddance to it all. I'm not sure what the plan is now with the floors, not sure if they just need to scrape and clean the existing subfloor or put new plywood down over it, but the end goal is cork throughout that is level with the existing hardwood in the dining room and Elsa's room, so no transitions anywhere.

And then the Bagster guys came to haul it all away! Those dumpster bags are amazing. There is an entire kitchen of plaster, solid wood cabinets, concrete and flooring in there and the bag was gone in 10 minutes. Even Tyr was impressed.

Tomorrow is electrical and gas, and then plumbing on Friday!

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