Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 6 and a lighting splurge

The weekend was all about moving gas lines and re-plumbing the laundry rooms/new half-bath, so I don't have very exciting pictures to share of that. What IS exciting however, are the new lighting fixtures I bought!! 

I love these both very much, but they weren't on sale, and aren't exactly cheap so I may end up returning them if they're not perfect. I felt spendy this weekend though, probably a mix of boredom, loneliness (Jeff and Elsa come back today!! Finally!), and relief that demo didn't uncover any expensive issues that needed to be repaired (yet). So I did a bit of online retail therapy. It was West Elm's free shipping promotion that did me in. I can always return these to the West Elm store we have down here, at no loss since I didn't have to pay for the $43 shipping. 

This mobile chandelier is to replace the fugly ceiling fan in the office/sewing room/playroom. The fan shakes when it's spinning and gives off crappy light and I've wanted to replace it from Day 1. I tried looking for attractive ceiling fans but the only ones I really liked were crazy expensive. This room does get hot, but we have big windows plus the sliding door in here for nice cross breezes, and we have regular table fans we can use. I love this fixture more than I could ever love a ceiling fan and it'll give better light over my sewing table. And if you're feeling crazy, you can tilt the arms and change up the shape:

I think I'm going to have it flush mounted to the ceiling too, instead of hanging like a chandelier, because the ceilings aren't very tall in that room and I think it'll look cool that way. I'll probably drive Robbie crazy having him hold it at all different heights in increments of half an inch before I decide though.

And these beauties!

I got a set of two 11" milk glass globes for the two pendants in the kitchen as Plan B in case the Plan A IKEA fixtures look too cheap or fussy.  These are like the Alto pendants I love but half-off.

Mmm... shopping...

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