Friday, October 26, 2012

Elsa updates!

My little baby is 15 and a half months and went in for her check up and a flu shot today. She's currently 19 pounds and 29 inches tall which puts her in the 15th percentile for height/weight ratio, meaning she's petite. Her doctor said that if she stays in that percentile until she's about two, it would mean she'll end up about 5'1" as an adult. Mini! He said it was very likely that she'll have a couple growth spurts in the next 9 months though and we'll re-predict her height then.

Because she hit her 29" mark, it means she is officially too big for her car seat now! Sad face. Look how she overflows:

I hopped on the internets though and did a little researching and decided to go with the same seat that Karen and Jerod chose for Jude. It's the Safety 1st Alpha Elite Convertible Car Seat. It was a good price, plus it has three modes. She can still rear face until she hits 35 pounds (the new recommendations are rear facing until they are 2 years old, we'll see how that goes), front face with the full cushions until she's 40 pounds, and then it becomes a booster until she's 100 pounds, or 17 years old. Whichever comes first. It's pretty sweet, and thanks to Amazon Prime, it'll be here on Tuesday before we take the road trip to San Jose!

On other developmental news, Elsie is cruising now! She walks all over the place, and I'd say it's about 40/60 walking to crawling as her mode of personal transport. It's really fun to see. She totally does the orangutan walk but is getting sturdier by the day. I'll try to post more videos up on the Tube, but I got one up today.

Okay, enough words. Pictures!

Elsa had a play date with Matt, Jana and Elmo the other day and they were so sweet to let her come home with him. He's only on loan until their baby is born, but Elsa is loving on him in the meantime. This was a sweet pic Matt took of them sharing a moment that I stole from his Instagram:

Jeff is all about the play dates during the day with Elsa. I think he gets lonely. These pictures are from Alex and Aikiko's home in the Hollywood Hills. I'm obsessed with that daybed by the huge window overlooking the canyon. Me and my Kindle would be very happy there.

Lynne made fun of Jeff's creepy modeling in the background, I think it's hilarious. He's making bedroom eyes at Alex in the picture above.

Bugging me at my desk while I'm trying to work. She's tall enough now to pull things off the desktop so all my washi tapes, my mouse, my little vase with billy buttons (shut up Lynne!), and my lovelydesign address file are all pushed to the middle.

Elsa sees me wearing head bands all the time and she tries to put them on herself, but ends up just balancing them on her head like a tiara. When I put them on her she thinks it's awesome and cracks up at herself in the mirror. I thought this tartan headband was lovely with her serious boxer sweater. Made her look more like a girl too.

Pumpkin patch!

This is Bandit, our neighbor Mark's chihuahua. Elsa is big on sharing right now, even her precious milk. And really, how cute is that shirt? I think it was a hand me down from Elena.

I love this one Jeff took of her at the Hotel Maya in Long Beach. The colors are so pretty and her eyes so innocent and wide. Totally hiding all of the diabolical plans running through her head...


ET said...

Thanks for another great post, Liv. Love the updates on our little sweetie and to see how she is growing up. Can't wait to see you all here next week, and to see her walking.

Jamie said...

You're coming to San Jose?? We really hope we get to see you guys and I finally want to meet Elsa, now that she's a little lady...

Liv said...

We are! But unfortunately it's a quick trip, and it's for my bestie's wedding, so I'll be helping with flowers, doing a rehearsal, etc etc so we're not sure where we'll be when so it's hard to make plans. :( We'll be up again though for Christmas, and will stay close to two weeks! Will you be in your awesome new place by then??