Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A visit with Shalom!

We had a parenting fail the other day when both Jeff and I were booked with work meetings and forgot to arrange for childcare, but luckily for us, Mandy stepped up and took Elsie in. They had a fun little morning so to reciprocate, I offered to take Shalom on a slow Friday last week while Jeff and Mandy went it to RVCA. It was a little tricky for a half hour when Elsa refused to take her nap and Shalom refused to let me put her down, but they magically fell asleep at the same time and slept for over an hour! I worked on my iPad with Shalom snuggled on top of me until Elsa woke up and it was playtime.

I was in Elsa's room with Shalom on the rug and missy bolted out of the room and found her way to Shalom's car seat and helped herself to the pacifier. Not such a little baby anymore Elsa!

Thank God I had Tyr and Thor there to help me with the two babies. They actually did most of the babysitting while I read my Kindle.

Elsa was enamored with Shalom and liked her in this bouncy seat where she could blow raspberries on her toes.

Elsa was surprisingly gentle with Shalom, petting her feet and head softly, which kind of pissed me off because she's not like that with the cats and I thought it was because she doesn't have the motor control to be gentle. We're going to have to work on that.

They played happily on the floor for awhile together, Elsa pulling out every single toy she has while Shalom rolled around.

Here's Elsa trying to give Shalom the baby bottle:

Elsa kept burying Shalom in toys and I'd have to dig her out.

And after Shalom left... so sad!

I think Jeff needs to give this a test run, I'm sure he'd be able to handle the two babies just as well, if not better than me. Not that I'm trying to prepare Jeff for another baby, it's just a win-win. Mandy and Jeff get baby-free breaks and our kids don't develop only-child syndrome. Because no one wants that.

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