Monday, November 5, 2012


Last year Elsa was no fun for Halloween, only wanting to sleep in her skeleton onesie, so this year we actually got to put her in a costume. Two costumes in fact! Since I'm the "crafty" one, I got to do her costume and I decided to go with an avant garde number. I've always loved Bjork's swan dress that she wore to the 2001 Oscars, and what's better than Bjork in a crazy outfit? An awesome baby in a crazy Bjork outfit! 

So here was the inspiration:

And here was my interpretation of it:

I sewed up a white tulle skirt with a white feather boa coiled and stitched on top of it, and then used a giant chenille pipe cleaner for the swan neck and head. I twisted it together to make it thicker and then looped it around and sewed up the coils for the head. A little orange felt cone sewed to the head, a black pom pom for the eye, and some black sharpie coloring in the black pieces of the swan head finished her off.

Nip slip! How embarrassing.

Here was the back. Pretty risque for her first Halloween I guess. I figure if she's in sexy Halloween costumes as a baby, she'll rebel in her teenage years and dress modestly. Right? Totally sound logic.

Aaaaand 35 seconds into the photo shoot she rips the swan neck off. DONE!

Knowing that she would either eat the feathers or rip apart the swan dress, plus paired with the inappropriateness of the costume for nighttime trick or treating, I had to have a more comfortable back up costume for Elsa. Enter Visionary Steve Jobs.

Quit throwing a tantrum and pose for my pictures Steve Jobs!

As soon as she saw pictures of herself on the screen, she quieted down.

And then ate the iPad.

Next year I'm upping the ante, and going with Cher's Bob Mackie. I better find my Bedazzler and start early.


Nikki Menda said...

PURE AWESOMENESS :) :) There are no words! Love it!

Heather said...

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