Sunday, October 7, 2012

Vegas baby!

My Mate-of-Honor Matthew is getting married to the lovely Kellycopter in November, and like a good best friend, he asked me to be HIS Iron Maiden at their wedding! I was thrilled and I'm super excited for them to join our married club. I'm planning on being the best Best woMan ever to Matthew so as part of my duties, I joined the dudes on the bachelor trip to Vegas last weekend. It was awesome, and exactly the opposite of my bachelorette party (spa day!). But seriously, two days and one night in Vegas is more than enough.

While the other guys napped in the hotel (wussies!), Matthew and I posed in front of gold lions and Bellagio water shows on the Strip. We took the monorail and did a whole lot of people watching. Vegas attracts a lot of weirdos.

We stayed at the Flamingo, so we had to take the requisite "Matthew in front of a bunch of flamingos" picture. Peace!

That's the end of my Vegas pictures. Guys are lame and never take photos of anything, so we didn't get any shots of the rest of the weekend, or one of all of us together. Oh wells.

Jeff sent me this one of Elsa while I was away though. Cool baby!

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Kelly McBride (Soon to be Smallcombe!) said...

Love all the pics! I've been too busy to post about that weekend, maybe I'll just post a link to yours : )