Sunday, October 7, 2012

Help me choose a designer gown

Jeff and I are going to a fancy pants black tie wedded affair in LA in a few weeks and I feel like I need to get fancy. I know black tie these days doesn't necessarily equate to a sequin gown, but really, how many opportunities do I get to wear a sequin gown? I kind of feel like I need to carpe diem, and wear a designer gown to this wedding. Especially since I just found out about Rent The Runway where I can borrow a $1000 designer gown for $75 for four days. I'd spend at least twice that on a dress for this wedding, and I'd probably wear it only a few times. So I just browsed through and clicked on a few favorites. I want you to tell me which one is your favorite, or rank them in order of favoritist to least favorite.

It's fortunate that the RTR dress model looks exactly like me, so you'll have an easy time imagining me in these dresses. And for all you snarkies out there, I realize I may be an inch or two shorter than this model, but most of these dresses come in 2-4 different lengths to accommodate my lack of supermodel height. Please also keep in mind that Jeff will be wearing his gray suit, the one he wore to our wedding, so I have to look good with him, which sadly probably means #1 Gold n' Sparkly is out of the running. I wish there was a RTR for men so I could get Jeff a black Prada suit...

All but one of these are Badgley Mischka's because apparently I LOVE their dresses. So I'll give them a quick name for ease of reference:

1. Gold n' Sparkly:

2. Black n' Sparkly:

3. Nicole Miller Black n' Lacy:

Close-up of the lacy:

4. I Love Silver Sequins:

5. Mesh Shoulders and a Thigh Slit:

Shot of the demure back because I know you were all thinking there was a back cut-out. Kind of wish there was.

6. Ambiguously-Colored Sequins:

7. Can I pull off a Lipstick Red dress? Kind of don't think so.

So many fancies! I also own two other dresses that may work out for this wedding. One I will be attempting to dye navy blue this week with the help of Mandy. We'll see how that goes before I place a RTR order. Of course, if I'm going to be wearing a dress I already own, the money I would have spent on the dress will go to a new pair of heels. Duh.


Anonymous said...

All stunning! The mesh shoulder and high slit is YOU! And would go better with Jeff's suit. Love it! Even I would look good in, seriously, you'll look spectacular in that!
Hair up?
Second choice, the black lace.
This is mom, I have to sign Anonymous because I don't know how else to do it.

Anonymous said...

.....But please, don't stand like Angelina with a leg sticking out.

Brooke said...

If you're going to go for a fancy schmancy gown, go for a Fancy Gown, I say. Anything sparkly gets my vote. I agree with anonymous mom that I can totally see you in the mesh shoulder number, but I'd like to see you in something more fabulous, something you wouldn't buy but would love to wear for one night. That being said, I like the mystery color sequins one, and sparkly silver the best. Be sure to post pics on what you choose! XOXO

Lynne said...

Totally with Brooke on this one - go big or go home (aka sequin explosion). Love the gold one but as usual, Jeff is messing that one up. Thanks for nothing husband! You've been doing a lot of black at weddings these days so mystery or silver sequins get my vote.

Roger Estrada Jr. said...

Mesh Shoulders and A Thigh Slit or I Love Silver Sequins.