Monday, October 8, 2012

Two more options!

Thanks for voting on the dresses readers! I especially love that you weighed in on them Roger. I needed a man's opinion. And I think I'm leaning towards the meshy sleeves. As much as I agree with Brooke and Lynne's recommendation to go big or go home with the sequins, I'd be mortified if everyone was wearing short black dresses and I show up in a full gown of silver sequins. I'm not ballsy enough to pull that off. Yet. 

Another little tidbit that might make a difference, is that the wedding starts at 5:00pm, so it'll still be light out and I kind of think sequin gowns are a nighttime only indulgence. Right? I am just making up these rules?

Anyways, I found two more today that are contenders. A short navy blue Monique Lhuillier and a stunning teal satin Alberta Ferretti. The AF one is $2595!! Rental price for me is $150 which is more than I wanted to spend, but when am I EVER going to wear a $2600 gown?? My wedding dress wasn't even like 1/10th that. Here they are:

Ooh... look at the back... I like the scalloping in the lace too. So Monique.

I mean seriously. Come on. The long sleeve and that back line? So pretty. And that teal is the same color I want to paint our living room!! This one takes balls too though. The color alone...

The polls remain open. You may vote twice.


Lynne said...

Love, love, love them both but this is a black tie, rock & roll wedding so teal "oozing sophisticated sexy" satin wins my vote.

Jamie said...

I love the black lace one but I think for a black tie event it should be long. The satin one is pretty too!

Nikki Menda said...

Silver sequences in the previous one!! But ths teal one is divine and would be so dang pretty with Jeff's gray suit!!

Brooke said...

I'm sticking to my sequins vote. The teal one is not that much less flashy (with the color, back, and sleeve detailing). I do love the lace/back cut-out detailing on the navy short one, and maybe it is more appropriate for a 5pm wedding. But, you know, black tie is black tie. So I say go for the one you really like the best and it will be perfect, even if you're a tad overdressed.