Wednesday, June 6, 2012


So sorry for the absence, my dear blog fans (all four of you). I feel like I have to explain. You see, we decided to give up cable (partly to save our brains, partly to offset the cost of our new alarm and monitoring system) and with that, my passion for reading has been renewed. I sound like Jeff (I think paddleboarding is my new passion) or Brooke (literature is my passion...) but it's true! I'm such a nerd now, looking forward to Elsa falling asleep so I can curl up with my Kindle every night. Anyways, I'm obsessed with Jo Nesbo's murder mysteries so I've been tearing through those, letting this blog and my reader languish in neglect.

I'll try to be better though. Here are some recent snapshots.

I love her new rug. It's such a fun backdrop to my pictures, but it's cushy and lovely to play on. No more head thumps on the hardwood floors!

I love how relaxed she looks sleeping, with her hands behind her head. She had her lovey draped over her eyes as usual but I pulled it off so I could see her face for this picture.

My dad is here visiting this week to babysit while Jeff is up in SF for a commission (picture him in denim cutoff shorts and no shirt, painting a mural in a crowded office) and he's been having a blast with Miss E. She took to him right away and has been such a little peach. It was warm enough today for the pool (we got a new smaller one that heats up quicker than the last), but she just stayed in for a bit. I think she's still a little unsure about the whole play pool thing.

And the boys. Thor flopped over their bed and Tyr styling his back fur. They seem to be more needy than usual, I think because they miss their Alpha Cat. Good thing he'll be back in a few days, we're all missing him....


catnipmeezer said...

Hi Liv, I sooo understand about the Kindle. I am up to like 700 books so far...and have discovered the lending feature now... Your photos today are just priceless hard to choose between Elsa with her hands behind her head or the boys. :) Susan

Nikki Menda said...

That pic of her sleeping is one of my favorites ever! So precious and beautiful! And how could she not take to your dad right away? :) miss you!
P.S. your blog blows my piece of shit blog out of the water :) mine is still up so I can have an easy way to check up on yours and some other friends!

Brooke said...

Well, I know this was from your last post, but your "Such an eager little Norwegian" comment made me spit out my coffee. I continued to laugh out loud at the thought of your spider-stomping clogs. Then I saw the shout-out and the adorable pics in this post, so I just had to comment. I'm so excited to see everyone in a few weeks!

Liv said...

Susan- thank you! So you're a Kindle nerd too, huh? ;) I've been borrowing them from the library and downloading them but I'm burning through their options pretty quickly. I think I might sign up for the Amazon Prime account so I can get the owner's lending library benefits. The boys say hi (meow)!

Nikki- miss you too! I am beside myself with excitement for Christy and Mike's baby! When do you think the baby shower will be? I HAVE to come. Your blog is not a piece of shit. It's just neglected. Give her some love. :)

Brookie- I'm totally getting Elsa a baby sized pair of spider stomping clogs as soon as she can walk. She's an eager (1/4) Norwegian too! We can't wait for you to get here!!