Friday, June 29, 2012

Baby shoes!

Elsa is knocking off milestones left and right around here! One day she was crawling and seriously the next minute she was hauling ass all over the house. She's a fast and determined little crawler. This week she was able to pull herself up to standing in her crib for the first time (that we witnessed) and she can do it with no effort now. We posted videos up on our YouTube channel if you'd like to see.

Anyways, it's probably just going to be minutes before our little girl is walking. Elsa is almost constantly barefoot, and will stay that way through most of the summer I'm sure, but she's her mother's daughter so she needs to start amassing a little shoe collection, for those times when shoes are called for. I realized that she didn't have many pairs (ones that fit her at least) when I was dressing her in her party-ware for Jude's birthday, so I hopped on to Etsy and found a couple awesome vintage pairs:

I love this style. The double buckle mary janes with little cutouts are just so classic. I got them from Little Reader Vintage. I love their stuff and the prices are great.

These ones I couldn't resist. The little heart cut outs on top are colored in. So cute. I think both of these pairs are going to be too big for now, but she'll eventually grow into them. I also couldn't resist this little pinafore to go with them:

I mean, seriously. A blue gingham embroidered cat on an apron dress. Size 12 months. Sold! I got the white shoes and this dress from the shop LaDiDottie, another Etsy favorite. 

And then I got a text from Karen this week who had apparently read my mind, because she scooped up these adorable little German shoes for Elsa's birthday:

I just about had a stroke when I saw them. SO cute, and the color is perfect. They're so Euro, and how I always thought I'd dress my baby. Can't wait to see her toddling around in all of these!

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