Sunday, June 17, 2012

New desk and some prinstagrams

My desk used to be Jeff's art table, and then a friend's dining table before that, so it's seen some days. When I inherited it, there were a ton of scribbled drawings, paint streaks, x-acto knife gouges, and spilled coffee all over it. I covered it up with some oilcloth and lived with it for about 4 years. Whoa! That's probably the longest I've EVER sat on a project that was eating away at me. Anyways, I tackled it this weekend and sanded and repainted it and it's a shining beauty now. I love it. I used the flat white paint from our hallway stripes for the legs and the high gloss gray from the bathroom vanity for the tabletop so this project was free fifty free! I almost want to work now so I can go and sit at it.

I'm waiting for the paint to really cure before styling it up with my desk goodies so this is a place-holding after shot. We FINALLY got our printstagrams in the mail (srsly, they took forever and they don't send you an order confirmation or a tracking number or anything which is frustrating, AND we're still waiting on the postal pix!! Ugh.) so I lined them all up to look at them. Even though it was a long wait getting them, they're pretty rad.

The tiny books (to the right in the pic below) are TINY and kind of silly, but I like anything in miniature so of course I love them. The mini books are better, and will be nice little photo albums our parents can carry around and bore people to death with. :)

I like the card stock they're printed on. I have them in my little berry basket right now that will go on my desk so I can flip through them when I get wistful of how little my baby used to be. Tear.

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