Monday, May 28, 2012


We had a little BBQ shindig at our place yesterday with all the usual suspects (minus Mandy and Seth who so inconveniently went and had a baby right before our party). It was a perfect day, good friends, good food, mimosas, and lovely weather. 

Our children are crazy cute. 

Miller got suckered into being Thor's bed, and they both took a nap on the couch while we partied in the backyard.

I'm so glad Jan got this shot. Jeff sucks at capturing all the awesome daily moments Elsa and I share so I have to rely on others. 

Okay, Jeff took this one and it's a good one of Lynne and I. We're so urban with our graffiti background!

I think Elsa makes Karen's ovaries hurt.

We spent a lot of the day lounging on the picnic blanket, watching the kids and knocking back tangerine and prosecco mimosas. Yum.

My mom is probably going to comment about how I'm always putting Elsa in this towel romper of hers. It's so comfy and cute though! Fantastic gift from the Gap. Thanks Mom! 

And now it's Monday, and actual Memorial Day. We'll be relaxing and reflecting on the importance of this day. And I'll probably sew. :)

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