Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Santa Barbara

To celebrate Andy and Karen's birthdays, and our 4 year wedding anniversary, the six of us took a 3 day, two night trip to beautiful Santa Barbara this past weekend. It was so needed, and so very awesome. Great friends to travel with, and the babies didn't bring down the party too much. We stayed in the Presidio Motel on State which was great, although the addition of a hot tub and a fire pit would have made it awesomer. Can't complain though, the rooms were super fun and we had a great patio right outside our rooms to party on while the littles slept, and it was a short walk down to the shops and restaurants, and a short bike ride down to the water.

Our room had this giant mobile hanging above the bed with origami shapes strung from it, which Elsa loved. The decals on the walls were fun too.

Out on the patio, baby monitor in the pocket.

Karen of course took a crazy ton of great pictures I'm sure. I'll need to snag some of those from her at some point. Karen! Burn me a CD.

Fat head.

Our room number door plaque.

Poor Jeff did the lion's share of childcare during the meals. We're a little hypersensitive about Elsa whining and crying in restaurants so Jeff would strap her in and walk her around outside after wolfing down his meal. We can distract her with Cheerios for only so long.

We borrowed four of the motel's bikes and brought Jeff and Karen's bikes with the baby seats and rode down to the beach. Elsa loved her new iBert seat! I knew she would. It's like the Baby Bjorn, except she gets to go a lot faster.

She was so entertained that she didn't mess with her huge helmet at all, and kicked up her little foot to relax on the ride.

Chilling out on the patio lounge chairs.

When we got home, we walked down to our neighborhood park and put Elsa in the baby swing for the first time. That girl has a taste for the wind in her face, she loved swinging too. She's turning into a little toddler in front of our eyes (minus the toddling part. Still can't even crawl.)!


Kelly McBride (Soon to be Smallcombe!) said...

I love the wood sliced door number! We are gonna try to do something similar to that for our table numbers at the wedding!

ET said...

Very glad to see that the trip to SB worked out so well. And happy to see that Elsa is getting used to the helmet. She looks great in it.