Friday, June 22, 2012

Baby Adirondacks

Check out Elsa's new outdoor lounge area!!

So cute, right? I found these little gems at my neighborhood shop Magnolia & Willow and drove by them about 53 times before not being able to stand the cuteness anymore and running in to buy them. They were a steal, probably because the paint was a little scuffed up. This is what they looked like before:

Nothing that a free paint sample can of Benjamin Moore paint in Watermelon can't spruce up! *Note: Sunset magazine is awesome, but even more so because there is always a coupon for a free sample can of BM paint in it. And it's not a dinky little test cup either, it's a solid pint size can and you can get any of the colors matched to it. Deal!

I love that one of the chairs is a two-seater. It's going to be perfect for Elsa/Jude, Elsa/Shalom, Elsa/Henry photo shoots. :)

I painted one coat of the red on the smaller chair and then gave up, deciding to go with spray paint instead since painting with a brush in all the nooks and crannies was taking forever. Jeff stepped in and did another few coats on both in about an hour. Did I mention my husband's a painter? Comes in handy. So he gets credit for the excellent paint job. Love them! Friends- bring over your children and let's take some crazy cute pictures.

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ET said...

Very nice paint job, Jeff, and you're a great shopper, Liv. These chairs are adorable and I am sure Elsa and her many little friends will enjoy these very much. Now you need to find a small table to go with it..:-)