Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I'm quitting my day job and growing vegetables instead.

Check out our garden!!

I yanked up the carrots today because I couldn't stand it anymore. I wanted to see how big they were and their colors. They're so pretty!! Some are a dark pink, and others are more peachy. They were good too but now I'm sad we don't have anymore carrots. :(

Our jalapeƱos are coming along nicely... we have 5 so far.

The swiss chard is crazy big. I need to harvest more soon and make some chardy treats with it. Tomorrow we're having fish, so maybe stir fried chard with some garlic and a touch of anchovy paste. Yum! I found a recipe for swiss chard and artichoke white pizza that sounds great, so maybe I'll get my pizza making husband to whip that up.

This is our lettuce patch. It's a big mix of European greens and it comes back so quickly. The leaves are nice and crisp though, and it's awesome not having to buy the bags anymore. We need to get spinach going though because we still buy that.

The patty pan squash plants are HUGE! We have three of them and they just started to bloom so we'll probably have squashies in a few weeks. They're the multicolor ones, not the huge white heirlooms we planted in the past.

Our succulents are turning pretty colors staying outside in the sun. We had to move the planter Mandy and Seth gave us for Christmas outside because those Siamese rascals of ours dug up the previous plants. Sigh. I like it on our outside dining table though.

My pops is coming to visit in a few weeks so I think we (he) might tackle the ice plant to raised vegetable bed conversion. I want to plant bell peppers, radishes, and spinach at least. We'll see what else. I better get my seedlings started!

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ET said...

That's right. I am coming down so get the tools ready, and I will go to work, if and when my baby sitting of Elsa will allow me to take on the various gardening tasks you have lined up for me. Should be fun. Can't wait to come down. We'll also start teaching Elsa about how to become a farmer...:-)