Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bumper baby

Check it out! My mom made me bumpers for my crib!

And I still have all this room to stretch out!

And it doesn't hurt my head anymore when I ram it into the sides!

Party elephants? WHERE!?

Oh look, I have a visitor. 

Let me just pull this down so I can greet him properly...


Yeah they're cool huh? Mom just made them for me.

No problem. Hang out on my rug for awhile. I'll just watch you.

I'm teaching Elsa to blog so she can help me keep this thing up. You know, since I'm so busy SEWING BUMPERS! I broke down and decided to do it. I'm pretty sure these won't be able to strangle my baby now that she's almost 10 months old, and we kept walking in and seeing random baby appendages stuck out in between the slats. Not to mention how consistent she is about throwing her pacifier out of the crib about once a night and then screaming until one of us fetches it. She can find her pacifier and put it back in her mouth on her own so maybe (hopefully?) these will cut that out. It also blocks the light of her nightlight and hides passing Siamese cats from her view when she's lying down and supposed to be sleeping, so maybe she'll sleep a little more soundly with them.

I bought the Nu-Foam bumper inserts here after reading the good reviews and then whipped up the covers for them. "Whipped up" might be a stretch, but they really weren't that bad. I cheated and used satin cord for the ties instead of sewing those from fabric strips (actually like the look of these more!) so that cut out a bunch of time, and then the rest were 6 easy little pillowcases. The foam inserts didn't leave much room for the presser foot though so I had to whipstitch the bottoms closed, which probably took an hour or so.

I used some of the leftover Cloud 9 Ele-fete fabric from the quilt I made her, and some mint green cotton with white polka dots that I found at a thrift shop for a few bucks. So less than $25 and a few hours of sewing time later, we have custom bumpers! Considering you can easily spend a couple hundred on these things (WHY!?), I feel pretty good about these. Now I can go spend that money at J. Crew. On ME.


ET said...

GREAT job, Liv. they look great and I am sure Elsa will enjoy and appreciate them. Let's also hope they help her sleep more and better so you and Jeff get more rest. And, of course, we love all the pictures of Elsa. Diana can wait to get down there to see all of you. Then we will of course both be there for her big BD party. Can't wait.

Nikki Menda said...

Soooo cute!!!