Friday, May 25, 2012


So this is anti-climatic after my last post, but we got Elsa a new rug for her room! Not quite as exciting as Shalom Rose, but we're pretty happy with the new purchase and thought it deserved a post. Her old rug was ridiculous, and really just a placeholder until I found one we liked. It was too small to play on, and it was so thin it didn't offer much protection for her head bonking on the hardwood. Plus because it was so small and thin, it made vacuuming it impossible. I had to take it outside and beat it like in the olden days.

This "leopard print" beauty is a honking 5 x 8' and is really thick and plush and perfect to play on. We've been playing on it a lot these last few days and I think it will help Elsa learn to crawl finally. It's wool and soft and I love the added pattern in her room. Animal prints I think are a high-impact neutral. Which sounds like an oxymoron but it's true! They blend with so many styles and are such a classic print, but they're also the opposite of boring. I love this one. It came from which was great, since shipping a 35 pound rug cost only $2.95!

Jeff and Elsa went to visit Natalia, Jay and baby Peribeau yesterday. Isn't that a great name? Natalia loves pears and rainbows so it was a combination of the two. Look how tiny she is! I barely remember Elsie being that little. So mini and adorable. I can't wait to hold little Shalom! I miss the newborn size.

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