Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to ME! (and to all the other moms too...)

It's my first Mother's Day! And my baby is sick. :( But luckily it's just a small cold and even luckier, my mom is here to visit and help! Elsa is also cutting her upper teeth now so maybe the cold and new teeth go hand in hand with her fussiness. It's great to have Mom here though, and especially on this day. We're missing our other Mom, but Sue is leaving on a trip of a lifetime today so we're excited for her too.

Here's a little photographic trip down motherly memory lane. My mini baby!

Happy Mommy's day to all the hard working and loving moms out there! It's a pretty awesome job, huh?

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ET said...

Thanks for all the great pictures, Liv. Love them (of course). You are a GREAT mom--and daughter, too..:-)so Elsa is very lucky to have you (and, of course, Jeff, but I will tell him more about that when father's day rolls around). I hope Elsa also grows up to be a "farmer" and be as handy with the sewing machine as her mother is. Her husband will appreciate the savings, and good relaxation as well. Happy Mothers Day!