Sunday, January 17, 2010

This ain't yo grandma's wallpaper!

I'm starting to vibrate with pent-up house decorating energy. I'm jotting down all sorts of notes on what I (we) want where, what colors, what plants, etc for the Daisy house so when papers get signed and keys get dropped into our hot little hands, we can get going. Fortunately, not a whole lot needs to be done to the Daisy house as it's essentially turnkey, drop the furniture, and start living. There are just a few aesthetic changes we'd like to make (interior lighting fixtures all over, dining room and kitchen paint, and new flooring for the den) and topping my excitement list is wallpaper for the dining room and bathroom that I got clearance for from Jeff. Yay!

If you've been paying attention to the design blogs in the past year, wallpaper is hot. It's exploded with edgy cool artists designing their own paper. Anthropologie is carrying wallpaper now, ferm-living wallpaper is beautiful, and our very own LA-based Walnut Wallpapers has our favorites. I think I've blogged about Geoff McFetridge wallpaper before, but this one (shadow of the paranormal) is a winner for us. I mean, seriously. It has a big yeti in it!! We want it for the bathroom, in the gray and white colorway which we think will pair nicely with our retro pink fixtures.

A close-up of the detail...

I found this awesome mirror at IKEA too that I think would be perfect for the bathroom. If we have to share a sink, we should at least have enough mirror to not have share that space too. These Molger mirrors are long and have a nice deep wood ledge around the whole mirror, perfect to balance a bud vase or two of posies.

I have so many favorite wallpapers, I'd love to wallpaper single walls in all of our rooms, but wallpaper (and the professionals that hang them) are expensive! So we're thinking just the bathroom and dining room for now because those are the only rooms that we don't like the current colors of. The dining room right now has a lovely little chair rail so I'd like to paint below the chair rail and wallpaper above it. This wallpaper (also from Walnut) is pretty dang cool. Dinosaur skeletons! Love it.

And so tasteful me thinkest. Jeff of course loves it. Another option that I haven't shown him yet but that I've been lusting after is another McFetridge called Dead Trees. Don't like the name, but love the design and the color. I've been fixated on having a plum or dusty purple or violet room lately. I don't know why, I've never even been that fond of purple. Ah design cravings, what can you do but indulge them?

And a close up...

Decisions, decisions... anyone know a good wallpaperer in the greater Los Angeles area? I know wallpaper is fairly easy to DIY, but it has to be done carefully for a bathroom and we would want to keep these wall gems for a long time so professional application seems worth the splurge. I can't wait to post before and after shots! Gah!


Kelly Jeanne said...

when matthew and i first bought our ikea couches, one of them came with that horrible pink/red cover on it in the dead trees pic. so ugly! we bought a black one instead lol

Diana said...

Love the wallpapers, especially the dino skeletons--interesting! I'm not anti wallpaper per se, just anti DIY Remember our bathrooms? It was messy AND costly to remove it when I couldn't stand it anymore. If you decide to try, make sure you LEARN and PREPARE well before. You know what I mean...The patterns were fresh, artsy and fun like you both!