Sunday, January 17, 2010


Mandy and Seth went up north for a friend's wedding this weekend and asked us to puppy sit which we happily said yes to. We love Crum, he's an adorable little Frenchie that got us a whole lot of attention wherever we brought him. He's an energetic and needy little bugger though so one of us was with him every minute that he wasn't in his crate sleeping (somewhat) through the night. Renting Crum for the weekend definitely opened our eyes to what being dog owners entailed!

Crum was SO insistent on getting up the stairs to make friends with Lily Mae. She's really exclusive with her friendships though so we kept the doors closed and he would sit and whine (really, whine. That dog barely barks.) until we convinced him to come hang out with us. This is him pleading with his eyes to let him upstairs.

Jan thinks Crum's color is like a potato chip. Here he is spread eagle on my leg, watching stories with us.

Such a snugglebutt cutie!

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