Saturday, January 30, 2010

A new addition to our family...

Nope, not knocked up, a new computer!! This baby is sweet. As you recall, jerks broke in and ruined our life a few weeks ago. Harmony and joy has been restored in our home, now that it is again whole with a fabulous new iMac. Jeff was teary in the Apple store. They were so nice, and hooked us up with a teacher discount, an upgraded keyboard, discounted Apple Care, and a free HP photosmart printer/scanner combo. Deal! Jeff wanted the big boy 27" iMac and what Jeffy wants, Jeffy does not always get. But this time I allowed it. Those 6 inches make a world of difference when you have 18 screens open at once in Illustrator toggling back and forth between them. He works hard and deserves an awesome tool to make the job a little more pleasant. Here's our little bundle of joy:

And Jeff looking weird. But handsome in his new J. Crew shirt! Grammie gave Jeff a gift card for some new duds at x-mas, we both loved this shirt. I think he looks lovely in it.

And don't think that I didn't get anything fun out of the shopping trip to the Grove. Oh yes, mama treated herself to something pretty too. Also courtesy of Grammie's x-mas gift card! This one is from Anthropologie (of course), and I loved the royal blue color. I don't have anything in this color and it may be my new favorite.

We both had to pose with the new child. Look how cute the trim and buttons on the shirt are!
Love it. Thanks Grammie!

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