Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Housing update

Alarm installed and hot water is flowing- good times are back. On the purchasing side of things, we got an update on Daisy last night from Noelle that the BPO (the seller's bank appraisal) was ordered for this week and a negotiator was assigned so those are positive steps forward. Interestingly, two other houses that we put offers on eons ago became available to us this week. Here's one:

This one is in a really nice neighborhood in Lakewood and looked cute from the outside. I had been in it during an open house when we put the offer on it, and I don't remember it being the hot mess that it was when we saw it on Sunday. UGH. Water damage in the bathroom, mold in the kitchen, no appliances, really dated oak cabinetry, broken and missing countertop tiles, floors in need of refinishing, faux paint finishes everywhere (no, I'm sorry. Your walls are not Tuscan plaster. They are drywall.), teeny rooms, and a backyard with 4 foot fences all around so you can be up in your neighbor's business. No thanks! Noelle told us last night that after we refused it, they dropped the price 36K and offered it to us again at that price but we still passed. It would be a huge headache to fix up, and we just didn't like it.

The other one though we really liked when we saw it back in August (was vacant then so it was an accurate representation of what we'd be getting into) so it could be a viable alternative if Daisy (still our favorite) falls through. It's in a nice neighborhood in Long Beach, is a 3 bedroom/2 bath, and is on a huge lot. Here's a pic:

So we shall see what the cards hold for our housing fate. Hopefully another update soon!

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