Sunday, January 24, 2010

Converse & Paper

Last night, Jan, Mandy, Seth, Jeff and I went to the Montalban Theater in Hollywood for a show/event Jeff was in. It was sponsored by Converse and Paper magazine (who interviewed and photographed Jeff earlier in the day so we'll be looking out for an upcoming centerfold spread with him in it). He did these great paintings that spelled out LIFE and a photographer then snapped shots of them and blew them up to poster size which were displayed next to the originals.

It was such an awesome party, we all had a great time. Belvedere vodka and Heineken were other sponsors so those beverages were flowing, as was Red Bull and lots of free candy. Two bands played (Dum Dum girls and Best Coast) and they had interactive stations where you could decorate plain tote bags with provided fabric markers and stencils. A bunch of celebrities came through (it WAS Hollywood), and we saw Kelly Osbourne and her boyfriend, Kat von Dee, Perez Hilton, Bam Margera, and Christina Ricci. And our good friends Roger, Pete, Jana, Matt, Dave, Candice and Darren (who curated the piece of the show Jeff was in) were there too so we had lots of fun. Just what we needed after this week!

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