Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wedding present!!

Our newly married friends Brendan and Evah are moving to Sweden! They will be going to a fancy art school out there and are moving soon, so they recently came down south to visit friends and family before the big trip. On their way home, they stopped at our house and dropped off a surprise wedding gift! We knew it was coming because Brendan gave us the clues that our gift was handmade by him, and we already had one. It's a coffee table! A super cool one too. I was giddy as he was unwrapping it and putting it together for us. It's perfect. The coffee table we had before was Brian and Gina's that they couldn't take with them, but it was big for the space and we knocked our shins repeatedly on it. This has perfectly rounded edges so no more bruises for us!

Thanks Brendan and Evah!!

P.S. Notice the mason jar vase on the table? Biggest score of the month. It's made by Perch! and was one of the only items on our registry not purchased. I registered for the yellow one and the gray one (to go with our wedding colors natch) and Kristin and Chris Miller gifted us the yellow one (thank you!!) so I always meant to pick up the gray one too at some point. Fast forward a year and wedding bills, and I never got it. So imagine my surprise when I saw it on sale this weekend at Urban Outfitters during their "Take an EXTRA 50% off all Sale!" sale! It was such a steal at $20 and I floated out of the store with my happy little vase for our new table.

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