Monday, July 13, 2009

Celeritas at SURU

This Saturday my brother joined Jeff and I at the Celeritas art show/charity event at the Suru gallery in LA. Jeff was one of the artists chosen to paint a motorcycle helmet for the show, with the proceeds of the silent auction going to Riders for Health, a charity that raises money for motorcycle transportation for health workers in Africa. The show was AMAZING! It was hosted by John Hensley (from the show Nip/Tuck) who is probably the nicest celebrity on the planet. We also got to meet Shia LeBeouf (from Transformers) who really does kind of look like my brother. Check out some of the pictures of the show here. I'll post the ones of Jeff strutting the red carpet and more detail shots of his helmet when they get up.
Here's a closeup of Jeff's helmet, from SLAMXHYPE.