Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm feeling crafty...

Jen needed to pick up some cool fabric for some throw pillows for her new pad so Mandy and I took her to the fabric mecca here: M&L fabrics. It's HUGE and has the most bolts of fabric I've ever seen in my life. She picked out some cool ones, and Mandy found a perfect fabric for the bedroom window in her new house. It looks a lot like something Seth would draw I think so it was a good find. Check it:

I was trying to be good during this shopping trip because I haven't been sewing very much and I already have a lot of great fabric so I don't need to add to the collection. But then I found this amazing bolt. And the gift ideas came flowing... painting apron for Jeff, tote bag for Jan, button down shirts for Dad and big Michael, pillow cases for Jerod and Seth... so manly!

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