Thursday, July 30, 2009

Baby fever!

I would have a baby right now if it meant that I could have this room in my house. Is that shallow? Don't care. I really am having those twinges of baby-wanting a little more frequently though (it's okay to say that here, Jeff only reads the blog when I tell him to!) and pictures of nurseries like this certainly don't help. This is exactly what I would want my baby's room to look like. Love the color combo, the wood mobile from Petit Collage, the cute fabrics in needlepoint hoops, the wood floors, the weenie dog lamp, the elephant hamper, oh my...

via Design*Sponge and Megan Creates

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Mandy and Seth said...

Don't forget about our pact! although, when did we make that anyways? Jeff still thinks it's 2 years away. I want cute zombie monsters painted in my nursery! I like those pics though, very cute and very you.