Saturday, September 7, 2013

Visiting the grandparents and great-grandparents

Elsie and her great-grandparents! In San Mateo, gazing adoringly up to her tall Great-Abuelo: 

Elsa is not much of a hand-holder but she was happy to let Abuelo lead her along.

Back at Abuelo's home waiting for the Cuban espresso to be made. Elsa claimed Abuelo's recliner to relax with her iPad.

We also had a nice little visit with Grandma Mac and Dioji. She got grapes, these tasty fried banana Filipino churro things from Tess, and lots of stolen kisses from Dioji.

Then off to Grammie's! We notice how much Elsa has grown when she's being held by tiny Grammie. She has gotten so long!

Can't leave Grammie's without having some sweets! She got a hipster scarf bib and pound cake with ice cream.

Deep conversations between these two. At least telepathically.

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