Saturday, September 14, 2013

Danielle + Kurtis- the inspiration

We Like Flowers is at it again! Which reminds me, we need to update that blog. Put it on the to-do list! Our friends Dannielle and Kurtis are getting married next month and WLF will be in effect. The bride has an army of helpers for this one, good thing too considering she has about 183 vessels. Luckily like 163 of those are candle votives, but still! It's going to be a very flower heavy wedding, so not much filler, just pretty pretty flowers. Here are some of her inspiration pics:

We're going with ivories, whites, light light pinks and peaches, and everything in blush tones. It's going to be SO pretty and feminine.

I can already smell these bouquets. I like the inspiration pics she pulled for the bouts too, but I'm a little scared of scabiosa pods in the bouts after Matthew + Kelly's wedding. Everyone's hair kept getting snagged by the boy's pods! We'll see.

All of the vessels are going to be in this "gilver" finish, which duh, means gold/silver. A classy metallic me thinkest.

The wedding is on the smaller side (thank god), so we're doing around 8 table centerpieces, but will have other arrangements for the altar, aisle, cake table, guest book table, favor table, oh my. The venue they are working with is amazing though, with walk-in coolers that we can store the flowers in the day before, a work sink, and will allow us in to work on everything early.

Really excited for this one. I'll post pictures from the mart today!


Nikki Menda said...

I'm excited to see the end results! :)

Jamie @ said...

This is going to look so beautiful! Love the colors and the gilver.