Wednesday, September 18, 2013

D + K: the floral test run

Last weekend Dannielle, Karen and I went to the LA flower mart to scope out the flowers in season that we'll be using for Dannielle's wedding in October. I really love the flower mart at this time of the year, the dahlias were nuts!! We went through everything again, discussing what she liked and disliked, and the vision for the arrangements, and we bought her pretty gilver vessels too.

Flower headquarters is going to be at Jerod and Karen's house so we set up shop there and got to working on a few test centerpieces. I had my mini apprentice there to help:

Luckily Dannielle loved the test arrangements. And I know it wasn't a fake love to spare my feelings either because girl had some opinions! We accented the first centerpiece with the peach mini carnations and berries, and she realized afterwards that their pops of color were kind of bothering her. She wanted more blush and less peachy pop, where it almost looks white but with a very light blushy-pink/peach color tinging pieces of it. The hydrangeas that we found were PERFECT. I'd hardly call them pink, blush is definitely more accurate. The petals were mostly white but ombréd out to the light pink. Btw, I'm making ombréd a word.  

So after some tweaking, we were happy with the colors, but it was still missing a flowy romantic feel that we were after. After going back through D's inspiration pics, we noticed her favorites had droopy greenery falling out of the arrangement over the footed bowl. The only greenery we had was the Queen Anne's lace so I did a little urban foraging in Jerod and Karen's backyard and found awesome little spiky droopy green leaf branches on a big wall of a tree. They worked out perfectly. And they're FREE-FIFTY-FREE!

This was the more monochromatic arrangement that had the berries around the edges. We didn't bring back any stock from the mart, but we decided that for the wedding arrangements, we'll mix in some blush-colored stock to the arrangements so they're not *too* white.

So romantic and pretty. I can't wait to see a whole reception area staged with these suckers. They won't be alone on the table either. Dannielle got little gilver votives for candles and some flower clippings to fill out the table a bit more. These arrangements are pretty substantial in size though.

And even the groom and their daughter Paisley approve! Kurtis is kind of a design snob (and I mean that in a good way- he's Art Center and super talented in art and design) so a thumbs-up from him was a relief.

And Paisley obviously couldn't stop staring at them. I hope she didn't eat the lisianthus like Sadie was doing.

I love this detail shot of the arrangement. That Green Mist is so pretty, like little floral fireworks. And the peach hypericum berries are my favorites. This one is going to be fun!!

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