Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Time with the G-rents

The week is up but we've crammed in some serious QT with the family on this trip. Elsa had a ton of fun visiting lots of parks, eating too many sweets, and playing with all of Nonnie and Marmie's toys they've been hoarding for her. 

We went to Los Gatos with my parents and Elsa ran around the fountain a few hundred times. She didn't like touching the water though (it looked kind of high-pressured) so Marmie tried pushing her in:

My dad *may* have had more fun at the parks than Elsa. Here he is rocking out on the Sway Fun while Elsa watched, perplexed at why he thought it was so much fun. 

Naked iPad time with Nonnie and Marmie:

I finally got them all together in one shot!

Elsa loves the idea of the pool, and has had a few good swim sessions, but we found out on this trip that 1) she's very careful around the pool and inches up to it slowly instead of jumping in, thank god, and 2) she does not like the diving board. Jeff was doing flips off of it (and causing tidal waves) and she was not a fan. She kept saying "I don't want- I don't like" and waving her hand at it when they floated close by.

 I think Grampa found out how tiring babysitting a mad active two-year-old can be. 

Thanks for all the QT family! We had a wonderful week and miss you all already...

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Jamie @ jforjamie.com said...

She's soooo cute!! Glad she got some quality time with the g-rents. She looks like she had a blast!