Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Elsa's first haircut

It was time. Even though I sort of miss how she used to look and the feel of her little ringlets, I keep looking at Elsa now with her sassy little bob and exclaiming how damn cute she is! She went from a toddler to a little girl by taking off a few inches, it's nuts. She looks like a whole new kid.

We took her to my hairdresser/friend, Josie Maddox at Bouffant here in Long Beach, because it's a laid back little salon and I knew Josie would do a killer job. She has a little girl too and managed a squirmy kid and scissors like the pro she is. These are the before shots:

We even left a dread lock in there for Josie to see what we were working with on a daily basis. We got her set up with a booster seat, the iPad playing Yo Gabba, and TWO candy bracelets to munch on. Kid hair cuts are synonymous with bribing I've come to realize.

We modeled Elsa's haircut after Hadley's adorable do which we saw at Jamie and Chris' wedding:

She was too cute. Short of stealing her, we thought we could at least make our kid look kind of like her.

And done! Bouffant had a lot of candy in jars, which of course E zeroed in on pretty damn quickly. She got a melty mint or two for being so good and holding kind of still.

And you ready for the money shot? This one is going in her GapKids modeling audition application:

My little Twiggy...


Azure said...

Cut and bold! I didn't cut my girls' hair for ages and ages.

Jamie @ said...

That last model pose!! Adorable!