Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Pictures from the Fourth of July party at Andy & Kim's! 

Nonni sent a little package of patriotic fashions from Osh Kosh the week before so she rocked some of that. The top in the picture above is MY FAVORITE! So dang cute. The dress below is great except the ties are supposed to be bows over her shoulders but they were too far apart so they kept slipping down her arms so I jerry rigged it:

Andy & Kim set up their pool for the kids which was a hit. It was hard to keep Elsa out of that thing. And any excuse to put her in that swimsuit is one I will jump on.

Mandy and her patriotic babies! I love Elsa's possessive hand on Shalom's head, and Shalom's look at me like "Do you see what your kid is doing right now?"

Parties at A&K's are the best. They set up all these play areas for the tots, they go nuts for them.

 Daddy diaper pit stop!

 And back in the pool...

Eating broccoli. For about 1 second. Then she discovered the cookies and fruit chew snacks Kim laid out.

Another little girl brought this toy camera that Elsa was enamored with. And I use the term "toy" camera loosely. It was a digital camera, just with simpler buttons and settings and big grip handles. Might have to get her one of these for Christmas...

FIREWORKS! It was so fun to watch her because she was all over the place with her feelings about the fireworks. She was blasé in between them being lit and would stroll over to the launch pad, then high tail it out of there as soon as one was put down to be lit. She alternated between looking at them with awe and smashing her hands over her eyes and ears and hiding behind her dad. These pictures that Mark took capture the moments pretty well. :)


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