Friday, July 5, 2013

Gran jefe no caca Thor

Poor Thor couldn't poop this week and so we paid $1200 to clean him out. Cat enemas are NOT cheap. If anyone knows of reasonable cat health insurance, hit me up. Our boys are around 5 years old (we think) so we likely have about 16 more years of vet visits to fund. Long story short- give your show cats more wet food (no gravy and sauces if you want to keep them svelte) than crunchies and make sure they are brushed and drink lots of water. Drinking water was never Thor's issue (he guzzles it like he's a pro athlete) but we shopped around with different crunchies because they didn't care and ate anything so the vet thinks it was the new food that plugged him up. Anyways, after one overnight visit to the emergency vet and one visit to his regular vet, and several x-rays and enemas later, Thor is flushed out and back to normal, just with a little arm haircut to show for his troubles. Thank the God of Show Cats.

Is it weird that I retouched this photo to take out his eye boogers?


Jamie said...

Oh man, pet enemas are so expensive! Glad he's back to pooping normal though. And no, I personally don't think it's weird to photoshop out eye boogers, definitely have done that to Roxy before!

catnipmeezer said...

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