Saturday, July 20, 2013


We Like Flowers is getting stoked for Fall wedding season!! I'm going to do the bouquets and bouts for the wedding of dear friends of ours in September in the Bay Area, and then WLF is doing the whole wedding for more amazing friends in October! These are choice projects too. Super stylish couples, easy going, and lots of fun. I'm fist-pumping pumped.

So flowers are on my mind and I'm geeking out with preparations. I've made lots of notes and checklists, and even sewed this work apron to hold my scissors, clippers, and doo dads when arranging:

I also beefed up my tool kit, using some of the suggestion from this amazing book:

They had good suggestions on supplies and some really good tips, like burning the cut stems to seal in nutrients (especially works well with poppies) and dipping the cut stems of hydrangeas in alum powder to prevent them from wilting. The wedding we're doing in October is very hydrangea heavy so this will definitely come in handy!

Jamie!! Likey?? Succulents and billy balls! I love the grass and yarrow additions too, and the ribbon bow is pretty dang cute.

This was my favorite arrangement in the book. I love everything about it. The vessel, the flowers, the random heights, that Victoria... perfection. 

And one last floral excitement for now: Vintage seed packet forever stamps from USPS! Kind of my dream stamps. I bought 3 books, and if you ever receive a letter from us in the mail with one of these on it, know that you are VERY special to me.

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Jamie @ said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I took my mom and Susan to the West Elm flower arranging class when they debuted that book. So much fun! I am SO excited to see your work, I know it's going to be beautiful! Also, aren't those stamps perfect? We only discovered them AFTER we sent out our invites...