Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Reader Request

I often get blog post requests from my readers, just kidding I never do, so when one of my favorite blog enthusiasts- Brooke- sent me this sweet request/threat, I got right to work.

I'm not sure what kind of PC laptop (::shudder::) Nacoocheecoocheecoo is going to give you Brooke, but hopefully it's not a 15 lb monster that won't fit in any of these. If it is, these bags are cheap enough that with the money you're saving you can go out and buy yourself an awesome Apple, the way God intended us to compute. 

First up, the Apricot You Smiling Backpack. Totally a name that Ruben and Seth would appreciate and make Max fist shake at. You didn't specifically say that you were against backpacks Brooke, so I snuck this one in because it's crazy cute. And it has padded straps which is just so plush. Herschel Supply Co. makes great bags so I trust the quality even though it's $50 at ModCloth.

While you're at ModCloth, take a gander at this handsome fella. Look What the Cat Bagged In tote (I wonder if Ruben could get a part-time pun job here??). It's not my favorite shape for a laptop bag when riding a bike (lengthwise makes for an awkward carry because it would hit the seat or worse, the wheel) but come on. It's adorable. And only $40 and has a zipper closure. Hey kitty.

A kitty bag might be a little juvenile for a fancy pants Director of English Immersion, so this Camp Director Tote might be serious enough to make you presentable to the other faculty and impressionable young minds. Totally lame that they don't have a picture of the "silky, patterned lining of violet and lime" (!!) because that kind of sounds like the best part about this bag. It's business on the outside and party on the inside! $55 at ModCloth. Being serious costs extra. 

This next one is from Etsy, and is pretty functional, yet customizable which I appreciate (you can pay $2 extra and get a waterproof lining on the bag). They have a range of colors, this purple being my favorite, it has a ton of pockets (and a water bottle pocket on the side, very handy for those bike rides across campus in crazy humid Georgia weather to see your boyfriend), and it's on sale for $45 (plus $15 shipping from Thailand... boooo...). Another drawback- it's made to order so unless those Thai adults (wishful thinking?) are sewing fast, it might take awhile to get to you. 

Another Etsy bag I found is from RingoPie which is kind of similar to the one above. $42 with $15 shipping from Malaysia, but it's available now, and I'm digging the gray. Good pockets, but it might be a little big for riding with on a bike. Same with the one above actually. Still, I feel like I should present you with size options since you're a teacher and all teachers carry a ton of stuff. Fact. 

Oh my gosh! How did this $200 Orla Kiely bag get posted here?? That must have been an accident because that's pricey. But oh what a fortuitous accident, because this bag is AWESOME. Serious enough for a DoLI, yet fun and whimsical to tell all of Rabun Gap "I don't take myself too seriously, and I'm fun to be around." It's matte laminate for those wet Georgia days, has a padded laptop pocket inside to keep the technology safe, patch pockets, a key chain, a detachable cross-body strap, and it sort of goes with all outfits. Hey Perfect Bag, it's so nice to meet you. Buy this one Brooke.

THAT GREEN IS MY FAVORITE COLOR!!!! Okay, it's another pricey Orla Kiely bag, but it's GREEN! And this Sweetpea Print Handbag is on sale for $84 so it's not ridiculous. This one is kind of small though, so unless you're getting a mini laptop or tablet, I don't think it'll work out so well. AS A LAPTOP WORK BAG! I didn't say anything about it not being the perfect "All other times when not at work" bag. Buy this one too Brooke.

Sooooo? I did good, right?? Please post the bag you finally end up with using 6 words to tell us why it is amazing. Love you!

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