Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Elsie's birthday party!

What was supposed to be a little family and close friends get together for Elsa's 2nd birthday party, morphed into a 33-adults-and-6-kids rager. It got a little out of control towards the end when 3 hours post-party end time according to the invite, the neighbor brings over Grey Goose and asks me for shot glasses. Um no. This is a child's party. You and your vodka go home. Aside from that though, it was such a fun party and was so nice to see our baby so happy and surrounded by a ton of people that love her.

All of these pictures are from our family photographer, Karen, who again killed it.

Elsa ran the loop in our house about 87 times that day, usually with at least one balloon in hand and Henry chasing her. She was WIRED. 

I got a bunch of these animal balloons with little feet that had leashes tied around their necks for the kids to drag around the party. They were a hit, but Elsa was a possessive little jerk over them. I got one of the helium tanks at Target that you can buy, use, and then turn the tank back in to re-use them and it was AWESOME. I'm never waiting at Albertson's again to get 30 balloons filled up and then smash them all into a car to take home, hoping you don't need to see behind your car. Super convenient and just as inexpensive (I paid $21 for the tank and it filled up about 30 balloons).

I made 47 orangsicle and funfetti cupcakes with a whipped cream frosting, and they were dusted. Elsa had at least 3, and my mom probably doubled that.

 She still didn't really understand the whole "Make a wish and blow out the candle!" directive so I helped.

And I may have shoved the cupcake into her face. I would like to note that I kept it classy at my wedding and did not shove the cake in Jeff's face, so this is how I get to make up for that.

She loved it. And got whipped cream up her nose and didn't realize that sticking both fingers in her nostrils wouldn't get it out. 

Awww... besties:

There were some cute kids at her party! Little Miss "Shoam" hamming it up for the camera.

And while we had Karen at our house, we took the opportunity to take a family photo which we so rarely get. We got a few snaps in and suddenly Jeff yelps like a kicked puppy and Elsa gives him this look:

Apparently my little snapping turtle bit Daddy. He may have been saying the "S" word here:

So it took a few takes, but we got a good one in!

Thank you SO much to all our friends and family that helped to celebrate our little Elsie's entry into toddlerhood! Next post will be on all the goodies she got spoiled with!!

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