Friday, December 7, 2012

Want Want Want, Gimme Gimme Gimme

My turn! These are things I want, make Jeff buy them for me:

Catbird NYC cat ring, size 5 please.

Mint clay and brass hexagon earrings from Etsy.

Ombre tights, also on Etsy, size medium. Pretty sure I've posted these before, which means I really like them.

Friendship sloths embroidery on Etsy. I love all her stuff, although it's slim pickings right now.

On the subversive stitching kick, these cross stitch patterns from Steotch on Etsy are amazing too:

This custom hand-carved stamp of my face would be super cool. I'd stamp it on everything that's mine, at home and at the office.

La Bamba dancing bear mug! So great, even if it gets the song stuck in my head for the whole day. Every day.

Handy Manual Shredder at Poketo. My electric one pooped out on me, and those shredder scissors I have are kind of sucky for anything more than one sheet. This one is so cute!

And lastly, all I really want for Christmas is a $10,000 gift card to Amazon for Kindle eBooks. Thaaaanks!

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