Monday, December 17, 2012

Elsa's a party machine

We went to a swap n' play event on Saturday that Mandy helped organize for her church to give away a bunch of Elsa's clothes that she's grown out of that weren't set aside in my "too cute to give away so I have to keep them forever" box or given to little Shalom. Her closets (yes, she has two) feel much more organized and pared down now, but I have a feeling she may be getting a few more items to fill them in a week... 

Elsa met a little boy by the name of Max at the event, and a cradle was robbed. Elsa was twice his age and she was turning on the flirt big time. Thumping babies in the back is flirting for them.

Last night we went to a Christmas party at our friend Ted's loft downtown. His place is so amazing, made even more amazing with the murals Jeff did of the Hulk (Jolly Green Giant if you ask my dad) and Captain Marvel on the walls. It's in an awesome Art Deco building with a big rooftop deck overlooking the buildings downtown. Awesome view. 

I still can't get over how old Elsa looks in these pictures. It may be the high style fashions she's wearing or her shaggy do making her look mature and oh-so-chic, but it doesn't feel right. I look at her in person and still see baby.

Ted's two dogs Tigger and Leo were very gracious hosts to Elsa and allowed her to follow them around and hug them and shout "KEEEETY!!! OOOOFFFF!!" in their faces. She knows that dogs say woof, but everything is still a dang kitty to her. 

I think Elsa could tell it was her daddy's work. She stared at it for awhile, when she wasn't staring at the hot Norwegian bartender (not me, an actual bartender- Ted is all class). 

There was a lot to see in Ted's loft, between the Christmas trees, candles, toys, light up Abominable Snowman, remotes and everyone's cell phones, so it was a lot of running around and stopping mischief. The other party guests were great with her though and helped keep an eye out. Thank god.

The couch across from the table had a bunch of stylish ladies sitting on it indulging Elsa in some pretend cell phone calls. She ate up all the attention.

She was particularly enamored with this friend. Elsa kept pointing to her leopard print shirt and saying "Keeeeety." 

Hugs for Leo!

And if you want to see Elsa hitting the dance floor, check out the YouTube video on our channel! 

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