Friday, December 14, 2012

Thanks Brooke!

Brooke's Christmas present to Elsa came in the mail yesterday! She rewarded me for getting off my duff and doing a blog post by getting Elsie the little sweater dress I was in love with! I couldn't wait to put it on her so she wore straight out of the bag. I think it might shrink up a little after washing it, but it is so comfy and easy to dress her in, it'll be a favorite for awhile. We went to the mall today and got stopped by three people asking where we got it! One older woman swooned over Elsa and asked if she could just watch her play by the Christmas tree. I think she didn't want me to be creeped out by her intense and joyful observation of my baby. I almost asked her to babysit while I did my Christmas shopping, but realized people don't do that. Or shouldn't at least. 

 She is obsessed with my desk and keyboard.

Sending some emails. Notice my closed laptop. A few weeks ago she was doing some computing and turned on some setting that minimized windows when I hit the "m" key, opened command windows with the "c" and wreaked all other kinds of havoc. It wasn't the sticky keys setting either so it took about an hour of combing through nerd forums looking for the fix. In case anyone else has a toddler that likes to go apeshit on keyboards, the solution is hitting the command key twice to clear it. Go figure.

I can't stand the cuteness of this dress. I'm big on peter pan collars and the little trompe l'oeil heart buttons slay me.


We found a new activity that occupies her for longer than 3 minutes. She was actually at this for close to a half hour! I have this little jar of colored paper clips and it was back and forth, grabbing handfuls and dumping them out and then putting them back in. Over and over. When she's a bit older maybe we'll use them to teach her colors and office organizational skills. I learned with the colorful plastic barrettes that my Mom bought in bulk at Best. 

Thanks again Auntie Brooke!! We can't wait to see you soon!! 


Anonymous said...

PLEASE wash that beautiful little dress by hand and DON'T
put it in the dryer!! Smooth it out on a flat surface and let dry. You'd better not ruin it! It's so sweet and fits her perfectly.
Love, Mom

ET said...

GREAT gift, Brooke. Elsa looks fantastic in this dress and we love all the pictures. Look forward to having you visit us all soon, Brooke, and of course can't wait to see Elsa again.

Brooke said...

Aw Trondsens. You are so sweet! I can't wait to see you all in a couple weeks. Thanks for all the cute pics, Livie!