Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Elsa fashions

Always on the hunt for cute new Elsa duds... here are a few tempting me right now:

Heart sweater dress- I'm a sucker for anything with a peter pan collar. And this one is so cozy!

Nautical sundress, perfect for those boat rides with the Millers! 

Chinese silk pajamas. I had a set when I was a toddler and I was the cutest thing on the planet in them. Elsa needs these.

She also really needs a red Adidas tracksuit. Like from the Royal Tenenbaums. Because she's mad active. And red so we can easily spot her.

Shopping for Elsa is more fun than for me because things are cheaper and infinitely cuter in small sizes. But don't worry, my wish list is coming up next. Just in time for Christmas... :D

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