Friday, July 30, 2010

Garden Geek-out

Our garden is progressing so nicely, I thought I'd do a little photo mash-up to track its growth. It feels like it's taken forever for sprouts to come up but I guess it really hasn't been that long (we finished the bed and planted on June 14th). I recently planted turnips, beets, spinach, and collards in the squares that weren't showing any signs of life and everything but the beets have started sprouting. No pics of those yet but hopefully soon when they get bigger!

Here's our "mortgage lifter" tomatoes:

Our european salad microgreens:

Bell peppers (still not yellow!! Liars!!):


Pattypan squash:

Dingying's tomato plant gifts:

Pot o' Gold swiss chard:

And a close-up of our mucho nacho jalapenos!! These are exciting.

Our mystery tree's flowers are popping up all over, so pretty!

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ET said...

Thanks for this posting, Liv. I was curious about your vegetable garden and remember things looked pretty puny when we were down there to visit, so I am very happy to see the "time series" presentation of how things have grown. Very impressive. I think your grandfather ("abuelo") will be very proud of your very green thumb. Next time you come home I will have you build me us something like this, so we can also grow our own vegetables.