Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Flower class #2

We had our second flower class tonight and the theme was topiaries. I thought topiaries were only those green plants cut into balls on sticks or in the shapes of animals, a la Edward Scissorhands, but nooooo. There are flower arrangement topiaries. Made by clustering gerbera daisies into a posy, shoving them a couple inches into floral foam, and then building a low arrangement at the bottom of the posy stick. Not thrilled about this one, especially when the teacher busted out the ribbons, beads, and birds to stick in it, but I actually completed this one, unlike the mum poodle from last week. I gave it to Jeff. :)

These were my favorite parts of the arrangement that I'll probably do again. These green leaf bunches were nice filler, and with a billy ball or the yarro and spray rose in the center I think made them look like unique flowers.

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