Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Garden updates! July edition.

Our garden isn't looking too shabby... Nothing ready for harvest quite yet and we still have to buy a rain barrel so Jerod can set up our housewarming gift drip irrigation system for us, but it's coming along. Our herbs are flourishing in the kitchen (from left to right is garlic chives, parsley, and tricolor sage):

And rosemary, bamboo (not an herb but a gift from sister Jen), and purple sage:

Well helllllo baby lettuces. So nice of you to finally join us. You better get bigger.

This is supposed to be a yellow bell pepper. I guess their color develops later?

We have a bunch of hearty looking basil seedlings now so it'll probably be a winter of frozen pesto for us. 

These are the heirloom white pattypan squash plants. The seedlings I grew from seed inside and then transplanted kicked it so I planted more seeds straight into the bed which is what these babies grew into.

I'm so happy our gifted tomato plants from Dingying survived! 

I was worried about them because they weren't looking so hot when we first planted them:

Pretty big difference, no? 

We also planted all of the succulents that we stole from Grammie's yard and pulled a jillion weeds over the weekend. Jeff is trying a new lawn fertilizer to try to get our front lawns to grow back and it looks like it's starting to work. I'll post some before and after's in a bit.

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Jerod said...

WOAH!!! Those are the Mickey Rourke's of the tomato kingdom! I'm scared to see what happens when miracle gums meet miracle tomatoes.