Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend projects

We had a busy but awesome weekend. Finding places for everything in the house and tidying up is so gratifying. Plus getting to buy things for the house that I had been envisioning getting for the last four months! I especially wanted this Molger mirror from IKEA for the bathroom. The oval mirror that was there before was pretty nice, but not really our style, plus now we don't have to fight for sink AND mirror space. Our garage sale pile is getting bigger...
I also did curtains for the living room and den. This is a terrible picture of the living room curtains. They're a cool mustard yellow linen, which will go nicely with my color concept for the living room. We'll keep the green walls because Jeff likes them and I'm hesitant to jump into another big painting project (the bedroom has dibs for the next paint job!), so with yellow curtains, the brown sofa, and pops of pink and navy in the armchairs, and light blue in some pillows I'll make, I think I'll be happy with it.
The den curtains I just love. That room gets super bright and is nice and private because it looks out into the backyard so I didn't want heavy curtains, especially since the window is ridiculously big. These are the IKEA Stockholm Figur curtains and are the perfect sheerness to cut the sun but still keep the room bright. I'm looking forward to getting a picture of this with Lily Mae's silhouette behind them. :)
Here's a close-up of the pattern, modern yet delicate. Just like moi. :)
Here's my OCD coming out. I organized all of my fabrics in their bins, found cute labels, and went to town.
This purchase made me so happy. A new vacuum cleaner!! Seriously. Although I loved my vintage hoover with the houndstooth vacuum bag, it was super heavy, didn't have attachments, and didn't do a great job sucking things up. Plus it had nasty vacuum bags that I had to buy in a specialty shop. Even still, I felt bad trashing it while it still worked so I was secretly thrilled when I fired it up the other day and it imploded. The engine blew and smelled like fire so it went outside immediately. And I went to Target. 

This bad boy is a Bissell 82H1 Cleanview Helix bagless vacuum with a HEPA filter (bonus for Jeffy's allergies), a pull out canister, a ton of attachments, and a lovely price. I found out about it from the Young House Love blog. They researched a bunch of vacuum cleaners and ended up choosing this one so I figured it must be good. I've already vacuumed the whole house twice. New favorite chore!


Nikki Menda said...

Your house looks amazing!

Liv said...

Thanks Nikki! Come down and visit us! Pick up your sis and Mike on the way. :)