Monday, April 19, 2010

Den... check!

Doesn't that floor look great!? I can't get over what an improvement that was and how well Jeff and Jerod did installing it. The molding went up fairly easily and Jeff and I spent a day and half painting the walls a cool gray (the peach color made the room way too bright and made the floor look peach too) and all of the trim a bright white.
I still need to make curtains for this window and we want to take down the ceiling fan and replace it with a nice non-fan light fixture. This room gets breezy when the gigantic window is open so a fan is kind of unnecessary.
We played around with the furniture configuration a lot (thank god for those felt pads on everything!) and settled on this. I like my sewing desk in front of the window plus it will give Lily Mae a nice perch to sit and lay on while enjoying the sun and fresh air.
My Frem Rojle table with nesting chairs fits nicely into the corner and will be easy to pull out for Uno night.
And my IKEA cabinet just barely fits into this spot. The chandelier you can see on the washing machine in this photo is going to get hung over the table and chairs.
Lily Mae scoping out the new room she's now allowed in. Let's hope that IKEA flooring is puke impenetrable...


ET said...

You guys did a GREAT job, Liv. Congrats to you, Jeff and Jerod for a terrific effort and very well done. Looks fantastic.

Can't wait to get down to see it all, first hand.

Jana*s Fun Cakes said...

Holy moly! I can't believe how different it looks! You guys did ahhhmaaazing! Congrats. Looks totally hip!

Bram said...

Hey there! Just found this site when Googling for the white Ikea Tundra floor, since I consider buying it as well ;) Are you still happy with it, after one year? Does it get damaged easily?

Liv said...

Hi Bram! Yup, a year later we still love that floor. It was the perfect choice for us. It does not damage easily (it's the thoroughfare in our house between the backyard and house so we are constantly walking on it and friends dogs have been all over it with no scratches or wear apparent) but because of the light color it does show dirt easily. Which I appreciate because I need that gross reminder to pull out the steam mop (we use the bissell one on this floor and it cleans it beautifully- also posted on the blog somewhere!).

Hope that helps, good luck with the installation!