Friday, April 9, 2010

Just kidding! We get the house!

We close next week!! Or so they tell us. BAH! This time is for reals though, because the short sale department supervisors at BofA got involved when real estate attorney action was threatened and there were apologies and things were made right. They removed the $20,000 promissory note condition for the seller (which was killing the sale) and we got free extensions on the seller's 2nd loan approval and our rate lock extension so we don't have to pay more on anything due to this flub up. Yay!

We are SO indebted to our amazing realtor Noelle and the listing agent Frieda that have worked tirelessly with BofA to make this happen. They spent a ridiculous amount of time on hold with BofA only to get disconnected like 18 times and have had so much back and forth with them, but in the end it was all worth it. For us at least! We really need to thank them in a special way somehow. Jeff will do a painting for Noelle and I was thinking of sending a little special something in the mail to their offices as a token of our thanks. I like these drunken chocolate figs from John & Kira's, I've ordered from them before and the quality and customer service is fantastic. I like their business ethos too and like to support them.

I'm not the biggest fan of flower arrangements by mail, especially by the big companies who tend to make them a little cheesy, but the Martha Stewart collection for 1-800-Flowers makes tasteful bouquets that come in pretty vases. This one is my favorite, I love the faux bois vase:

Succulent Love is a SoCal company that is still pretty small but I'm charmed by their designs. It's a little out of our price range, and probably more my taste than Noelle or Frieda's (it's kind of bizarre actually), but I liked this one too:
Stick a billy ball in something and I'm sold. :)

So we're waiting to hear from the seller but we think we're going to be moving a lot of our stuff tomorrow with help from our friends, and then hopefully tent for the nasty termites on Monday and Tuesday, close on Wednesday or Thursday, and then move in for reals! Jeff and I are SO relieved this all was sorted out. We tried to put on a happy face and positive spin to renting again, but our hearts are really with owning a home, and particularly this one. We can't wait for the good times to roll.