Wednesday, October 14, 2009


One of the things I like so much about the house we are in right now is that the upstairs can be completely closed off from the downstairs. This is a huge benefit considering Lily Mae tends to "act out" all over our couch. In Irvine we had a few accidents (cleaned up thanks to heavy duty dry cleaning action) and then covered the couch in puppy pads and foil. We don't really want to live with our couch under plastic in the new house so I'm investigating "training devices". I came across the SSSCAT which has a motion detector that the cat trips when it gets close to the forbidden area, releasing a brisk spray of aerosol, scaring the crap out of the cat (not literally I hope, that's what we're trying to avoid) and keeping it away from the sofa! It's pain free and sort of humane so I think we'll give it a try.

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