Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Buh-bye Lakewood

Jeff and I went to see the house in Lakewood that we were the chosen offer on last night and it was a no-go. Beyond it being terribly awkward to judge and inspect the house as the current tenants watched us, it was just too small. The living room/dining room combo was about as big as just our living room now and there was no space for our beloved dining table. So sadly we declined. We did however see one of the two houses in Wrigley that we put offers on this weekend. The one that had the open house got swooped up for 20K over asking price so that one is out, but the other is adorable, on a huge lot, and has a lovely big dining room. So it's down to that one, the Art Deco, and the Oregon house... Barlin too I guess, but that one seems to have come to a stand still. The saga continues...

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