Monday, October 5, 2009

Are you still keeping track?

Jeff and I put in three more offers this weekend! We ain't joking around! We're here to play hardball with the big boys. Two are in Wrigley and one is in Lakewood. We found out this afternoon that the Lakewood house is ours if we want it so we're going tomorrow night to check it out. We've only seen the outside of it so it could be perfect or it could be totally wrong for us. But at least we were chosen!! For once we came in first. :)

This is one of the two in Wrigley, and the pics online look really promising. It has a big dining room for our table and looks clean and charming.

This one we actually went into this weekend during an open house. It's sooo charming on the inside! It has a formal dining room with a little sunporch off of double french doors which I can already see Lily Mae spending 20 hours a day in, and it has a guest house in the back! It would be perfect for Jeff's studio, lots of storage plus a mini kitchen and a 3/4 bathroom! And it's permitted!!!

This is the Lakewood home. It's in a really nice neighborhood and looks cute from the outside so we shall see...

The other two in Wrigley (the historic Art Deco and the adorable little one with the red door) are still pending and we've heard nada back from the agents. Fun fun fun...

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